Videos 2018

The Grand Final of the Opportunity Europe Euro Quiz 2018 was streamed live,  The event was watched by several hundred people.  While 90% of the viewers were in the UK, friends and family of those taking part also watched the quiz in the Republic of Ireland, France, Spain, and Belgium. 

We have divided the event into two parts: the first is the speeches and welcome and the second is the quiz itself.

The quiz is designed to bring together pupils’ learning in several key areas and to increase their understanding and knowledge of our European neighbours. 

The overall duration of the quiz is 40 minutes including prize presentations.  Consequently it is an ideal length for use in the classroom setting as a teaching resource.  The questions were chosen to reflect the Key Stage Three curriculum and to cover a number of cross-curricular areas.  There are 8 questions in each of the 8 rounds and there are rounds on:

  • Geography
  • Music
  • Daily Life and Culture
  • Food and Drink
  • Languages
  • Faces and Places  
  • Sport 
  • Name That Country

Speeches and Welcome:


Main Quiz 2018: